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PNGI was founded in 2014 on a shared conviction among us to work together to achieve sustainable economic and social progress for the benefit of industries. PNGI is an independent not-for-profit membership organization covering all business sectors and segments Team.

1. To enhance and exchange the ongoing experience with professionals related to business and organization
2. Provide awareness among the Employees/Professionals on Quality and safety, which help in cost reduction, resource optimization and improved productivity
3. To advise the government agencies/body on matter related to industries.
4. To create ecosystem for learning and development.

Come together is beginning. Keep together is progress. Working together is success.

To enhance and experience and best practices with professionals related to business complexities and people management.

To provide awareness among the employee/professionals on quality and safety. Helping in various areas viz. cost reduction, resource optimization, productivity improvement.

To represent before the government agencies on various matters related to industries, academia and society.To Create and sustain ecosystem for learning and development for professionals.

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