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Philips Automotive, is the world’s leading supplier of lamps to the automotive industry and aftermarket. Our technological innovations have been on the forefront of automotive
lighting for more than 100 years and have led to the advancement and
modernization of automotive lighting as we know it today.
Since 1914 our passion has been to increase safety through meaningful
innovations that enhance people’s lives on the move, making their drive
safer and more comfortable.
We are one of the first manufacturers of modern
electric automotive lights and our lighting
innovations have been landmarks in the history
of automotive lighting. In 1936 we introduced the
Duplolux Selective, the fi rst modern headlight
featuring a far-reaching beam, ensuring greater
safety at higher speeds

Our Duplo-D featured a unique, asymmetrical
passing beam that would not blind oncoming
In 1962 we created the H1, the world’s first halogen
headlamp. As cars became more powerful and
speeds increased, our headlamps delivered greater
safety through technological advancements and
more powerful light.
Our revolutionary H4 was the first two-filament
halogen headlamp. In 1991 we unveiled the world’s
first xenon lighting solution on the BMW 7-series.
In 2004 we introduced the first mercury-free HID
(high-intensity discharge) headlamp! And the
world’s first fully-equipped LED headlight was fitted
with powerful Philips LEDs!
Our new Xenon WhiteVision lamps create an
intense white look for your car and improve your
visibility. The perfect choice for xenon headlights
that match the look of LED lights.
Discover also our WhiteVision halogen lamps with
their stylish and distinctive white xenon effect!
WhiteVision is the right choice for drivers wanting
to drive in style without compromising on safety!
Our professional LED Inspection lamps bring our
history of automotive technological innovations
from the street to the shop! Designed for
maintenance and long-term inspection work, our
LED Inspection lamps illuminate every detail with
pinpoint precision while eliminating shadows.
Discover our new HDL10 work headlamp!
This high-power LED work headlamp is the perfect
tool for hands-free repairs. Featuring a powerful
LED light for high-precision tasks as well as an eco
mode for quick inspections. With its 90° adjustable
lamp you can easily direct the 50° wide-angle
beam where you need it most.
Pocket power! Our new RCH5 Rechargeable
compact lamp packs a punch! The 3 high-power
SMD LEDs eliminate darkness with superior bright
light. Thanks to its ultra-slim design, the RCH5 fits
perfectly in a pocket or on the handy belt-clip.
with a strong magnet on the fl exible bottom and
a 360° retractable hook, the RCH5 can be placed
anywhere for hands-free use.
See our entire range of Professional LED inspection lamps and you’ll know why darkness has nowhere to hide!
Our passion is making your drive a safer one by offering you today, the lights of tomorrow
to go even farther!

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