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Optics Technology is the leading manufacturer of Laminar Air Flow Technology, Biological Safety Cabinet, A.C. / Pressure Modules, Fume Hoods, Clean Room Instruments and other laboratory instruments. It is established in Delhi in 1978 as a humble manufacturer of clean room products. Since then Optics Technology has grown by leaps & bounds to a leading players in India serving the pharmaceutical, electronic, semiconductor, medical, chemical industries etc. and has developed export market in all over Asia.

The man behind the success of the company is Mr. Y. L. Sharma . A self made man possessed with a remarkable sense of ability and enthusiasm under whose able guidance Optics Technology has attained present status in India and in the international circle. Quality and customer services are also the two reasons behind the success of this small-scale industry. We offer best quality equipment at most economical rates, which has made our customer support us for the past nine years.

Optics Technology has adapted itself very quickly due to the trends and technological developments in Asia and applies the customer's quality/ service understanding in the requirement of engineering and competition.

Clean room and other lab instruments services are dedicated to providing best quality products and services to users of clean room Laminar Air Flow's and Optics's other lab instruments. We pride ourselves for providing our best service available at the most competitive cost possible. We are constantly updating and upgrading our test equipment and procedures to allow us to maintain our leadership role in all our services and in lab instruments. We can also perform all types of repair, replacement and up gradation of Laminar Air Flow's and other lab instruments.

Our Laminar's and other lab instruments have been installed around India in a wide variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Electrical, Semiconductor, Medical Universities, Food processing, milk plants, Oil industries and Agricultural industries, Pharmacy and in reputed R&D laboratories.

We are committed to providing our customers with highest quality products and services, which meet and exceed their requirement. We are also committed to Optics Technology provides his customers with:-

1. Reasonable Pricing/ Competitive Pricing.
2. Quality Products
3. Timely Service.

We very much appreciate those customers who have allowed us to be of service to them for the past 22 years and we want to work with our customer to provide the latest technological advances with which to operate your clean room and R&D laboratories.

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