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These five letters bring to mind a vibrant confluence of colours, traditions and creative expression.
India isn’t just a country, it is an emotion – of belonging, and of pride in an ancient culture that has taken many forms across the country.
With the advent of urbanization, however, only a shadow of our glorious past has survived – our traditional art is fighting to stay alive, and is at a risk of being plunged into darkness.
But, being the emotion that ‘India’ is, it could not be suppressed for too long. This poignant emotional connect gave birth to an idea that sparked the name ‘Lal10’, meaning “Lantern” in Hindi. We are a young team of artists, designers, poets, photographers, engineers and social workers, who are passionate towards reviving the traditional creative art forms of India.
We merge the artistic skills and talents of artisans with modern marketing techniques – thus making these valuable crafts accessible to all. More importantly, we source our products directly from the artisans, skipping the middleman who pockets huge margins for himself.
Through this, we hope to give these talented artisans and creators the respect and rewards that they rightfully deserve.
With our “Lal10” we hope to bring light into the lives of artisans across the country.

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