G T B surgical industries

G T B surgical industries

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GTB Surgical Industries is about trust and determination, loyalty and hard work, vision and innovation, risk and reward. Our belief for highest integrity business practices and for putting customers first is unparalleled. GTB Surgical Industries focuses efforts in ENT,Laparoscopy,Urology,Eye and other departments.

GTB Surgical Industries promoted by a group of professionals with more than 10 years of successful exposure in marketing and finance.
Our core values inspire the company vision:
Customer Focus Our customers' needs drive everything we do - Every product we market, Every service we extend, Every interaction we have.
Integrity Ethical behavior matters, and it is demonstrated in every business deal we do
Innovation & Change We recognize that change and the need for continuous improvement are constants: as a company, we have an open mind and an inventive spirit.
Profitable Growth Through thoughtful planning we achieve profitable, sustainable growth, and thereby strengthen our future
Accountability Every decision has implications; therefore, we consider each step, knowing that we are accountable to our colleagues, our customers, our community, and ourselves Our business strategic initiatives focus on
Franchise Development Building and enhancing our presence in key market segments through our business partners
Products which satisfy the needs of the customers with optimum performance
Service We sincerely believe that after sales service is the most important component of our business and our commitment to service us uncompromised
Operational Excellence Optimizing all our processes so that customers, not products come back to us
Organizational Development We firmly believe that business and people working for the business grow together.

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