Gnana Yoga Margam

Gnana Yoga Margam

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Many souls in the world take life and leave. During their periods they might have gained their experiences in various fields like Education, business, Politics, Science etc., and have given their experiences to the world. Many saints have brought their experiences to the world, gained through their “ GNANA LIFE ”, to enhance human beings life and knowledge. “ GNANA LIFE ” is considered as the highest and the most revered life among the various other lives

In the same way, the message which I convey to all here is completely out of my soul's experience. It is purely the experiences and secrets of my gnana life. It is not against any Religion, Race or Culture of the world. Every one must know about the secrets of the soul and must do research about it. This is the responsibility of every human being.

With best wishes,

Guru Thiru Sivagnana Nellairaja Swamigal.

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