Exalta Insparc Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Exalta Insparc Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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As a manufacturer, Exalta a trade mark under Insparc technologies pvt ltd, has provided an assured future through technologies and innovation with passion.
Since its founding in 2003 as a Ensparc later registered as Insparc technologies pvt ltd, Exalta has contributed to the development of society by continually meeting challenges with new, cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Over the years it has provided an array of products and services that have established the social infrastructure supporting the lives of many people.Today, Exalta has 20 branches all over the India and has wide area of sales and service support, with products ranging from solar air conditioning to domestic,commercial sector. Exalta manufactures more than 200 different product ranges for various industrial and civil markets across the world, and has a appropriate history in the design and manufacturing of refrigeration systems. We have always sought to pioneer new approaches to manufacturing, and have built the foundations for the development of the entire industry. With energy and environmental issues becoming shared challenges of the entire planet, our value as one of a handful of companies capable of meeting the global challenges facing our world is continually increasing. We express our value to society through our CI statement – “Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow.”

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