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Bianca, the flagship brand of Mangal Exports, has emerged a prominent player in the Indian home décor space since 2008. It is a contemporary, one-stop shop for your home decor needs offering products ranging from bath mats, bath rugs, curtains, bedsheets, towels and a variety of other bath and kitchen accessories, available online and at exclusive retail stores. With a distinct design philosophy that represents a perfect blend between western trends and eastern artistry, Bianca stands as a class apart offering in the aesthetics domain.

A trend setter in the true sense, Bianca has re-defined the dynamics of the textile accessories landscape in India within the shortest possible time span, and is now poised to expand its geographical presence beyond the boundaries of convention. The brand has successfully explored its existence within the horizon of tradition and modernity, thus inventing and determining the term 'TRENDITION'

Bianca demonstrates the potential to compete with any piece of art in the home décor segment, through a unique design protocol that rests firmly on the pillars of 'Ethnicity' and 'Lateral Thinking'. The brand's indomitable novelty appeal establishes it as a credible partner for growth centric companies across the globe.

When it comes to ethnic home decor, there is a dearth of quality options. This is where Bianca, a high-end brand, targeted primarily at upwardly mobile people who desire a unique lifestyle aesthetic comes in. By employing a design philosophy that is born out of marrying western trends with eastern artistry, Bianca delivers accessories that will rival any piece of art in your home.

With an astounding variety, our massive product range includes something that appeals even to the most discerning eye.

Bianca's reputation for premium products, quality finish, excellent variety, competitive price and timely delivery is backed by solid infrastructure and nationwide network of production offices in India.

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