AZAD Money Management Program

AZAD Money Management Program

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How the Azad Money Management Programme works

Money is an entirely personal matter. That’s why it’s important to get to know you first, and then your finances. This approach is the foundation which paves the road for your journey towards financial freedom. All through this journey, we are with you every step of the way - coaching and advising you on what works best for you. We create a unique, personalised plan that suits your individual needs, financial circumstances and life aspirations. Getting you to your ultimate destination – financial freedom – is our only motivation.

The AZAD Process

An ACE (Azad Coach & Expert) closely engages with you to understand all aspects of your life – your priorities, goals, responsibilities, earnings, savings, risk appetite and more. We do a complete assessment of your current financial status.

Goal Planning
The ACE helps you quantify your life goals – determining how much money you need to achieve each of these, and plots an achievement timeline against each one of them.

Personalised Azad Plan
Once your life goals have been quantified, the ACE draws up a tailor-made financial plan that is aligned to these goals.

Action Mode
Every small action takes you closer to your destination. And Azad helps you every little step of the way!

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