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When you’re in the mood for good times and great cuisine, be sure most pleasant settings and is known for its delightful staff and superb cuisine. Initiated by Entrepreneur Deep Singh this restaurant offers northern frontier cuisine amidst a mesmeric bucolic environment, which is truly relaxing and unique.

The menu features a wide array of great selections, All dishes are prepared using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. The cuisine is authentic, unrivalled and delightful. The ambience is warm, relaxed and friendly. The surroundings and furnishings are simply luxurious. The décor is simple yet elegant. Although contemporary in its style and presentation, the restaurant’s seating, gives diners a feel of the traditional Indian style of eating. Cozy seating and subdued lighting with light music in the background creates a buoyant, relaxed and serene dining experience.

The menu at Aroma Indian Grill boasts an extensive selection of Lamb Lion Chops, Chicken Tikka Masalas, like Murg Malai Kebab (chicken cubes marinated in Yoghurt and mild Indian spices and Roasted), Achari Panner (Cottage Cheese pickled in Indian herbs and spices), Hara Bhara Chicken i (Boneless chicken marinated in traditional Indian style with fresh Spanish, Mint, and Cilantro), Goan Shrimp ( Jumbo Shrimps sauteed with freshly gruound spices and Coconut and cooked on low flame.), Murg Tikka (chicken mosels simmered in a light tomato sauce and spices and grilled in Tandoor over charcoal.) amongst others. The Buffet Brunch also serves a scrumptious range of Basmati Rice, Samosa, Assorted Pakora, Soups of the day, Palak Paneer, Dal Maharani, Navratan Biryani, Navratan Korma, Goat Curry, Lamb karahi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chilli Chicken, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Fresh Fruits, Full Salad Bar, along with condiments, and Fresh Bread on the table (Choice of Plain, Garlic, or Garlic Chilli Naan), It is also included Champagne, or Lassies on the weekends. A quintessentially rustic ambience, the whiff of tandoori fare, the sound of background music, and Bollywood Videos gives Aroma Indian Grill a truly exotic and inimitable touch.

To an outsider, Indian cooking can be overwhelming, akin to a jigsaw puzzle incapable of solution. The reason is simple: not until long ago, there was no recorded text for Indian Cuisine. Recipes were handed from generation to generations, by virtue of oral tradition. As a consequence, each recipe is open to interpretation and there is no standard recipe to work from. Moreover, Indian cuisine varies from region to region, and the tastes, colors, and textures of the same delicacy can change every few miles. At Aroma Indian Grill , we present our interpretation of the recipes that were handed down in our family and the ones that were perfected in our kitchens. Our belief is that Indian cooking is based on three major factors: choice of ingredients, their proportions and quantities, and most importantly, the timing of adding ingredients during cooking. After having worked for more than a decade watching chefs create countless creations, and experimenting ourselves to further tweak those recipes, we decided to create on our own, and thus, Aroma Indian Grill was born.

Till this day, we remain close to our roots- those of experimentation. We are constantly making improvements to our menu and our restaurant, experimenting & sampling many dishes that are served before graduating to our Menu. We believe in innovation as a method for excellence. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey. We would like to thank you for your interest in our restaurant and are delighted to serve you a variety of delicious food.

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