Innovative Science Part - 7 (CCE Pattern)

This Book is for Class - 7 with CCE Pattern. Features: This book is written in simple and easy to understand language. Colorful illustrations and illustrative photographs are used throughout the series to develop the understanding of the subject. Questions are asked under periodically inserted "Test Yourself "to check the grasp of the student. Exhaustive exercises given at the end of each chapter are based on understanding of concept learnt. These are designed such that a student can perform self evaluation without writing too many long and tedious answers. Each unit ends with a summery for quick revision and fast grasp of the topics covered along with the definitions of new terms learnt. Additional information relevant to various topics has been included throughout the book under the heading "Face File "and "Do You Know ". Interesting, meaningful and relevant information has been given, that will useful to both students and teachers.

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