Double Head PVC Profile Cutting Machine

Product Details

Product Details:
Brand All
Model Profile Cutting Machine
Capacity Standard

Designed for PVC and aluminium profiles cutting

General properties:

Cutting length size and angle degree are entered from LCD-display on control panel
Automatic head position for 45° and 90 °degrees, easy adjustment for intermediate angles
Memory size of 2299 steps including quantity, length and angles of cutting
Possibility of manual length size adjustment
Magnetic rule length control system
PLC control system
Multilanguage support
Repetitive cut program, angle cut – variable and fixed length – fixed angle
Extra length cut program (over 4 mt.)
Diameter of a diamond saw blade is 450 mm
Output of disk is 148 mm that allows to make double profile cutting (74 mm x 2)
Horizontal pneumatic clamping kit
Adjustable cutting speed
Single head operation possibility
Industrial dust exhaust
Conveyor for the movable head
Intermediate profile support for long size cutting
Particular care has been taken over the safety measures, both mechanical and electrical
Power supply protects system from voltage overload
Servo motor
Linear rails head movement


Cooling system for aluminium profile cutting & Vertical clamping
CO - Cutting Optimisation: Data transfer module from PC via ethernet and label printer