Decolourisation System

Product Details


Process Simplification
No Sulphitation
Reduced lime consumption
Scaling in Evaporators is reduced due to lower Inorganics loading, leading to :
:: reduced down time
:: steady crush rate
:: steady steam consumption
Injection water pH does not reduce
Lower Retention times at all stations
Corrosion decreases drastically thus requiring lower maintenance

Losses Reduction
Inversion losses due to low pH eliminated.
Entire process works at pH>6.4
Lower Retention times reduce losses
Lower Non-Sugars ensure lower sugar losses

Sugar Quality
Purer massecuites give flexibility in grain size / colour of sugar
Bold grain sugar can be easily produced
Consistent quality even when juices are of low purity
No Deterioration on storage
Low Suspended Matter /Ash/Turbidity make sugar attractive for Industrial users (PEPSI / COKE / NESTLE, etc.)
Nil SO2
Sugar quality of EU I & EU II grade

Molasses Quality
Nil SO2 desirable for Alcohol production
Nil SO2 preferred for Animal feed

Environment Friendly
Sulphur fumes are eliminated
Solids disposal is considerably lower
Effluent has lower COD/BOD loadings

Recovery of Sugar
Higher by 0.1 - 0.2% on cane