Bubble reflective insulation


We having recently diversified into manufacturing of Reflective Insulation sheets both with Air Bubble & PE Foams. The facilities are most recent, located at Alwar (Rajasthan).
We are manufacturing the following products used extensively for PEB’S and GI sheets for Thermal Insulation:
Bubble Reflective Films both in Small Bubble & Big Bubble4mm/8mm with single side Aluminium Foil 4mm/8mm with Two side Alumininium Foil
PE Reflective FilmsAvailable in both Single and Two side Aluminium Foils in Thickness of 6, 8, 10, & 12mm.

These products reflect 95 – 97% of radiant heat, making inside working conditions congenial leading to increased productivity as well as energy savings.
A consumer friendly product having ease of installation fibre free and a very long life
Bubble reflective insulation is made with single layer, double layer & available in 4mm, 8mm, 6mm, & 12 mm thickness. It is available in single bubble, big bubble.

Key Features:

Length to suit your requirement.
97% Rediant heat reflection
3% low emissivity
Simple & quick installation
Highly durable with 10 years of warranty
100 % recyclable
light weight
Non toxic non itchy
Environment friendly