Solar Street Light (Dolphin/Rocket)


Certification UL
Lighting Type LED
IP Rating IP66
LED Driver Type Microcontroller based highly configurable design Constant Current
Charging Type PWM
Charging Stage 3 stage charging, Bulk, Absorption, Float
Temperature Compensation Provided
Dimming Timebased, on demand
Equalization On demand
Input power Upto 20W
Efficiency 90%
Number of LED 7 in series
Dusk to Dawn Automatic
Red LED Low Battery indicator
Green LED Charging Indicator
Low battery cut-off 11.3V volt
Reconnect Voltage 12.2
Open circuit protection Provided
Short Circuit protection Provided
Reverse Polarity Provided, auto resettable
Self consumption < 10mA
Battery Over charge, Deep Discharge Provided
Housing IP65 Leaf shape