Acoustic Doors

Product Details

We supply a range of architectural and industrial acoustic doors suitable for many purposes. Manufactured single or double leaf, hinged or sliding, our doors are available from our standard

range or designed to suit your requirements.

Safety features, i.e. vision panels can also be incorporated upon request.

Available in steel powder coated finish in desired colour, our acoustic doors are designed to minimise sound transmission and to provide further privacy in any industrial or architectural application, including:

Industrial Acoustic Doors

For Machinery Rooms
For Plant Rooms
For Engine Test Room
For Process & Production Areas etc… etc..

Our acoustic door sets incorporate the latest manufacturing and sealing techniques providing high acoustic performance, it is important to understand that when considering the overall noise reduction properties of any room or structure then all relevant elements should be considered including any walls, ceilings or floors as it is the combined acoustic insulation of the entire room or structure providing best results for maximum sound insulation or noise breakout.