Unleash the power of interactive touch Screens (Kiosks Screen)


There are various possibilities to engage and guide your visitors to be your customers by using interactive touch screen kiosk. Its various use case can be seen at Airports, Shopping Malls, Exhibitions, Retail stores, Railway station, colleges, Museums etc.
At VirtuBox, our solution involves installing touch screen based kiosks for visitors while they are inside the premises for local navigation, explaining all facilities, for any quick assistance round the clock, showcase the features, services and merchandise available for purchase, running survey, feedback etc.The solution makes it possible for all of this information to be easily updated and managed by local admin staff on a daily basis. 
With this solution in place, these are some of the results which can be achieved: 
1. Provide multi-language Visitor guides including videos, audio, multiple images and text. 
2. Make available a Google maps type of Path locator for visitors to easily navigate within premises. 
3. Schedule and announcement of events, programs schedule or promotions etc
4. Books or other merchandise for browsing and purchasing online. 
5. Any other information like details of management team, helpdesk phone numbers, emergency contacts and details of transport providers or any of your service partners etc.
6.Additional revenue generation through selling ads on interactive screen/mobile app. 
All these are complemented by Branded mobile app so one can download app and take complete Kiosk info in personal phone.
VirtuBox Integrated Platform is will not just provide information to visitors but also help in:
1. Enhancing the prestige of the Company/Brand.
2. Help management to further improve all services by getting insight into usage data on on habits of visitors - most viewed place, keywords, video etc, busiest times of the day, week month and so on.
3. Running any visitor feedback survey, proving several other feedback mechanism such as phone text messages, WhatsApp and email messages etc for the visitors to stay in touch with the team and improve visitor experience.
Feel free to connect our sales team to view a demo and help you understand how it can increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

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