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With over 1 billion smartphone users in the world, consumers are spending more time with mobile apps than on personal computers. Mobile is the new hotspot for being social. Businesses are beginning to understand that having a Facebook page is not enough anymore, and they need to connect with consumers in a new way.
For businesses, having mobile app is not a luxury anymore but a 'NEED' in this fast-changing world of competitive business. Whether you own a restaurant, clothing store, or a small mom + pop hardware shop, people want to see your products or services on mobile device and share their experiences that they had with your brand with friends. Almost every app should include social functionalities to make it easy for people to share.
Need for mobile apps
The increasing demand for mobile means that a rapid increase in the number of organisations which need to develop an internal mobile application development capability.
The most important reason why one should think of building a mobile app is customer loyalty. Advertisements like Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, Newspaper Ads, Websites, coupons, email marketing slowly lose contact with the customer so a better and improved way of being in touch with them is by building a mobile app. It is a way of making a sincere connection with the customer and making them loyal lovers of your product/service.
We have now entered that phase where everything is just a click away. Everything that we need is being made available to us through apps. Earlier every company had a web site and then they created an app for the same. This has made life easier for most people who are unable to take out time to go shopping or to the bank to deposit money. All this can be done in a few easy steps while you are in the elevator or travelling in the metro. Mobile is the future.
You need a Mobile Application to:
1)Display the exclusive product collection that you are proud about and confidently showcase.
2)Target the online buyers and shoppers.
3)Acquire more business and market share online.
4)Gather more clients and widen the customer base.
5)Make trends if you feel that your designs are unique and inspiring.
6)For making lucrative deals and doing online branding.

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