Do the math! (A Study on the Cost Effectiveness of VirtuPaper)


Using an app for your business is crucial in the present scenario of fast movement towards the digitization of world commerce. We all have heard that first impressions last a lifetime, and the fact is that in the modern age, this opportunity for creating a good first impression happens in the digital sphere. Another reason it’s essential to have a digital-first approach to your business is that consumers expect businesses to be more responsive on digital platforms.
The process of building a custom app from scratch takes a time duration of several months and consumes a massive budget of the companies. The cost of apps are hugely based on features, complexity and platform. If you are using a back end server for your app the price will again shoot up. Be sure to add the cost of maintenance and updates to this. In this way the overall cost of building an app for your company to showcase all your information regarding your products and creating a platform for customers to contact you will take a major toll on your marketing budget.
Other factors that are to be taken into consideration while building an amazing app that increase the cost are:
1)Scalability: The ability of your app to withstand huge user base.
2) CMS (Content Management System) : This will help you in creating and modifying the content in the app. Without this you will have to take the help of a developer even to make small changes.
3) Analytics and other tracking: This will help you in getting data on the number of visitors and their preferences based on the way they use the app. This is the most valuable information that supports your marketing decisions.
The average cost per hour for the development of a custom app in India is $24 for android and $30 for iOS platforms. The whole design process of the app will cost you around $23,000 (almost around INR 15 Lakhs) and the maintenance and updates will cost you about 30 to 40 % of your initial design cost summing up to a huge amount. This makes us think whether it is reasonable to take all this pain and spend all this money for a custom app, even though it is an essentiality in the modern day. Here comes the relevance of Virtubox InfoTech Private Limited.
Virtubox provides you with its service called VirtuPaper in which you can build an app for your business with all the essential features like high scalability, CMS, analytics and an amazing user interface at just the fraction of the cost that you would spend on making a new custom app. It will act as a digital catalog for your business replacing the traditional print catalogs.
Using Virtupaper, the app can be updated as many times as needed without any additional cost. Clients can see the updated digital catalog even when they are offline and place their orders using their mobile phones. It saves money of the manufacturers by obliterating the use of paper for catalogs, promotions and sales offers. It helps them in selecting their favorite product as per their convenience. Thus, VirtuPaper helps in saving your time, effort, and cost of app production, updation and analytics.
VirtuPaper has simplified the process of app building and makes your job easier than ever before at a low cost which makes it a highly preferred company by top class businesses like Hero Cycles, Kent RO Systems, Sleepwell mattresses, Su-Kam Power Systems etc.
This is the smart way to go forward. Save your time and money that can be invested in other productive marketing processes using the VirtuPaper app instead of spending time on building an app yourselves.

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