About VirtuBox

VirtuBox is an innovative Cloud-based Digital Experience Platform with Augmented and Virtual Reality for Global Branding/Promotion, Distribution/Logistics, and Targeting Audiences Worldwide for Marketing & Customer Support Management. It helps us to Create & Manage Engaging Digital Experiences.

VirtuBox range of products is a seamlessly integrated platform that enables companies to deliver personalized, immersive, and engaging customer experience. Our platform provides a mechanism to digitize business operations and gather customer insights. Not only that but we also bridge insights into the action gap by empowering employees to deliver superior customer experience.

VirtuBox helps businesses to create and share comprehensive digital content for a complete range of services and information. They not only save time & money in marketing, development, sharing information, etc. but also serve as a cutting edge & powerful customer experience tool with proven ROI in all applicable areas.

What makes VirtuBox Perfect?

  • Strong Management - Founded and managed by World-class Premier Institutes Alumni (IIT, TU Delft, etc.) with decades of multi-domain industry experience
  • Over 50,000 man-hours in development and still evolving constantly as new customer preferences or smartphone OS emerge
  • Nearly 3 years’ time spent, keeping consumer preferences and infrastructure conditions in mind
  • Globally, more than 1 Lakh Users on Android, iPhone and Kiosk Device

VirtuBox Attributes

  • Fastest time to deploy
  • Cross-Platform
  • Cost-effective
  • Cloud Technology
  • Grab the Visitors attention
  • Advertise
  • No Coding Required
  • Smart Search Engine
  • Works Offline
  • Auto-Updating
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Control
  • Gain the mobile edge
  • Direct Marketing Channel
  • Social Sharing
  • Live Editing
  • Reduce wait time
  • Manage traffic
  • Educate Visitors
  • No Language Limitation